We believe that businesses with entrepreneurial spirit are the true creators of tomorrow - the architects of a better world, one in which we all want to live. 

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Today's changemakers have the power, the tenacity, the ideas, the drive, and the know-how to make great things happen.

Whether it’s helping to solve global problems like climate change (like our e-mobility client partners at Havn, childrenswear rental platform, thelittleloop, or the sustainable residential studio, DASH); overhauling public safety at large-scale gatherings to avoid another Manchester Arena disaster (like Halo); eradicating social prejudices and injustices (like Cub Klub, Rise IQ, Foundervine, Diversity VC, Prospur, and Ada Ventures); unleashing incredible new ways to enjoy immersive experiences (like the VR-powered Vortic and Gatherings by Mesmerise), delivering better healthcare to the places who need it the most (like Elephant) or; making the individual feel their best selves (like Meshed and their connected massage device, or Covett providing access to the most dazzling fine jewellery, or Ziglu helping the crypto-curious safely invest in digital currencies).

Bloom exists to support these impact businesses through our refreshingly-generous expertise and high-quality execution in creative marketing.

We do this through business & marketing coaching for entrepreneurs (starting from an affordable £500/m), brand marketing strategy for teams, tactical marketing / creative execution, social media and campaign management, or a blend of both our strategy & execution services, depending on what’s required.


Our flexible and media-agnostic approach enables us to freely focus on one thing and one thing only: what’s right for your business. 



24 November 2017

Bloom was born. Registered on Companies House, Stephanie Melodia bought a laptop from John Lewis, found an accountant and began pounding the streets of London.


December 2017

Within just two weeks, Steph won her first client, recruitment platform, Tempo.


February 2018

From recruitment to interior design, beauty, and hospitality Bloom began to slowly... bloom.


March 2018

First International Women's Day panel event hosted at Old Street, kickstarting our event series, 'Bloom Presents,' and Steph's hosting. (Watch the showreel here).

November 2018

Celebrating our first anniversary in Clerkenwell, an intimate dinner setting with our small team and client roster.


September 2019

Bloom sets up camp at Second Home, co-working space in Clerkenwell, London.

November 2019

Year 2 celebrations in our new office, and with the ever-expanding team.


November 2019

Bloom launches founder story podcast, 'Time to Bloom' - available to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

March 2021

Bloom host our most successful International Women's Day Event to date, selling out WeWork Old Street. It's almost as though we all knew what was about to happen next...

March 2019

Bloom goes fully-remote amidst the pandemic, seeing a surge in new clients re-prioritising their marketing to weather the storm or take advantage of new business opportunities.

July 2020

Jessica Hall joins as Marketing Director.

November 2020

Our first fully-virtual anniversary celebration - via Zoom, of course! Popcorn packs and mini Prosecco sent out to guests to keep the party spirit alive.

December 2020

Our small team reaches peak size with Marketing Director, Marketing Account Manager, Social Media Manager, Community Specialist, Graphic Designer, Growth Strategy Advisor, Paid Media Specialist and Admin now all part of the Bloom team.

January 2021

Named in the UK's Top 20 Most Flexible Companies to Work For by Flexa.

October 2021

Lizzie Harvey joins as Marketing Manager.

August 2021

Sophie Jones joins as Account Executive

December 2021

Bloom closes the year doubling in size from the year before, on track for continued "blooming" in 2022.