- B R A N D I N G  F O R  F I N T E C H  S T A R T U P  -

Fintech startup Sprout approached Bloom to establish a clear brand strategy including their mission, vision, purpose as well as tone of voice and a whole new visual identity.

The VC investment platform, co-founded by venture capital and private equity professionals, is on a mission to improve access to one of the highest-performing asset classes.


From just £5,000, individuals can invest in VC and access returns profiles, a diversified investment portfolio, and back the companies of tomorrow - all professionally managed by a seasoned fund manager. Previously only available to entities with a cool £1 mil to spare, Sprout's new model is a truly exciting fintech solution to change the industry.

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We began our strategy development through sector immersion where we carried out desk research, discovery sessions, competitor reviews and guided client workshops. Developing our work using tried-and-tested marketing frameworks for success, we distilled the core value proposition and were able to put in place a clear brand structure, including the message house, tone of voice and brand archetype. 

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Our initial brand strategy then informed the creative process for the new visual identity, designed with the key fundamentals of Sprout's new brand in mind; accessibility, trustworthiness, and freshness. 

Conveying a thoughtful balance between the intelligence of the mind and the emotion of the heart, the lower case in the logotype denotes accessibility; the usage of green in the colour palette is associated with growth; and the particular shade of forest green serves as a nod to the reputability of the VC managers Sprout works with. 

Brand strategy and creative services included:

  • Desk research/competitor review

  • Guided creative workshops

  • Strategy development including profiling, audience segmentation and key messaging

  • Visual identity including logo, colour palette, typefaces, image library, guidelines

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