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Mesmerise is the B2B provider of immersive and memorable conference experiences in virtual reality for global, innovative enterprises. 


With an ex-Sky, ex-Microsoft, and ex-BBC team led by former Editor-in-Chief of MSN and Digital Director at Sky News, Andrew Hawken, this exciting tech scale-up entrusted the marketing services of Bloom to help the business reach its goals in top-tier partnership deals.

Following our initial brand strategy and marketing planning work. Bloom swiftly moved to implementing performance marketing - across LinkedIn advertising and Google Ads.

Mesmerise Gatherings LinkedIn social ad.png

H E A D L I N E  A C H I E V E M E N T S

  • Exceeded the goals set within 3 weeks

  • Website visits increased by 884%

  • Achieved record-low CPAs and CPCs (£0.39 cost per click at its lowest)

  • Close attention drove CTR (click-through rate) from <1% to 4.5% in just a week

S E R V I C E S:

  • Content creation including graphic design and animation for ad creative

  • Copywriting for advertising - compelling and concise to help drive results

  • Landing page creative and content, including visuals and copywriting

  • Technical setup of ad accounts, tracking tools, audience builds and campaign setup

  • Daily bid optimisation, weekly reporting and constant tweaking to improve performance

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