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Su is the New Zealand based tech startup born from traveltech group, STAAH.


As an “invisible” tech solution operating behind the scenes of the biggest channel managers, online travel agents, and hotel groups, Su had a number of strategic challenges with which they came to Bloom to solve.

The key challenge laid in articulating a clear and compelling value proposition (particularly as an “invisible” solution), to a variety of stakeholders within the B2B target segment. An additional challenge lay in the warmer stages of the sales funnel; how to showcase credibility whilst still respecting the confidentiality or privacy concerns of Su’s partners. All this striving to ‘simplify the complicated’ across marketing messaging to translate to a clear, strong, and memorable brand.

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David Visser

Product Manager

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team"

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As a niche area within the world of travel technology solutions, we quickly immersed ourselves into the client’s space for a deeper understanding of the space in which they operate, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Our strategy development focused primarily on the value proposition - what are the customer’s jobs to be done, and how does Su help; what are the customer’s pain points, and how does Su solve them; what are the customer’s top priorities, and how can Su help them look good.


Through a series of team workshops and brand sessions, we were able to extract the core elements of the Su value proposition and translate them in a way that’s clear, compelling, and concise.


We then presented our work to the Su client partners who were representative of their ideal customer profile. Ensuring this messaging landed with them was key, and the customer’s feedback informed how to prioritise the messaging hierarchy.

The final step in our process was to finally consolidate our key findings into a coherent strategy document for Su, aligning internal team members across departments (from engineering to sales) and providing the foundation for the creation of our tactical marketing materials - from sales presentations to infographics, from social assets to one-pagers.

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S E R V I C E S:

  • Desk research

  • Team workshops

  • Customer interviews

  • Copywriting & design

Rajesh Ghanshani

Head of Business Development

"Wonderful work. Kudos to you for picking up the right strings and weaving such a meaningful plan for us here at Su."

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