-  C R O W D F U N D I N G  C A M P A I G N  F O R  T E C H  W E L L N E S S  S T A R T U P  -

When we first heard about Meshed, we immediately wanted it for ourselves.


Meshed is the sleek and convenient back massage device connected and controlled via a smartphone app, so you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing massage - at home, on-demand.


With more and more people hunched over their laptops, working from home, back pain is on the rise - sore necks and shoulders is something we can all relate to. Ex-Cambridge, ex-MIT, ex-Harvard inventor, engineer and entrepreneur enlisted Bloom to market the British startup’s crowdfunding campaign.

Meshed filming crowdfunding video Bloom marketing agency startups.jpg
Meshed back massage prototype 2.jpg
Automated massage.jpg

It was this passion for the product and understanding of the (very real, physical) pain point, that made us so happy to work with Rohan Kamdar, Sergio Martinez and the Meshed team to help make the product a reality.


Following the initial branding and marketing strategy for the home technology startup we promoted the upcoming crowdfunding campaign via social media (organic and performance management), funnelled through optimised landing pages and nurtured via an automated email sequence - with a focus on the hero video…


Bloom managed all video production for Meshed’s all-important crowdfunding campaign, from production partner selection & briefing, through to creative, scripting & casting, all the way to production and editing - even optimising the YouTube upload!

Meshed back massage prototype 3.jpg
Meshed back massage prototype.jpg


  • Organic social media management (including content curation & creation, planning, scheduling, and optimising)

  • Performance marketing / paid social ads (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Plan, content & implementation of email automation

  • Exclusive content for private, early backers group

  • Design assets for crowdfunding page

  • Landing page creative & build

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