-  P E R F O R M A N C E  M A R K E T I N G  F O R  A C Q U I S I T I O N -


Foundervine is a social enterprise founded by technologists and professionals who believe in a fairer tech industry.


Frustrated by a lack of diversity, Foundervine is on a mission to build one of the most inclusive tech communities in the world. By building pop-up entrepreneurship labs all over the UK, and high-impact online courses, Foundervine seeks to change the lives of young people from low-income backgrounds,  addressing the social and economic inequality that’s faced by women, ethnic minorities and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds when starting a business.

With the online education market booming for Foundervine, they enlisted Bloom's performance marketing and creative services to drive high-quality course sign-ups.

Our work includes:

  • Full performance review (including ad account, technical setup, customer journey and funnel)

  • Provide insights and recommendations on tracking and KPIs - i.e. identifying key problems to address

  • Ad engagement and performance against benchmarks 

  • Implement new tech stack & customer journey (including data flow and tagging, set up tracking and provide guidelines for internal usage)

  • Setup and manage paid campaigns with a focus on driving high-quality sign-ups at the lowest possible CPA

  • Asset creation (stills & animation) for social campaigns

  • Compelling copywriting for ads and landing pages

Foundervine stills-07_Digital.png
Foundervine stills-03_Creative.png

K E Y  R E S U L T S :

  • CPA of £4.06 achieved against a KPI of £6 (50% lower costs to acquire)

  • 3.8% CTR and 30% on-page conversion

  • 186 quality applications driven from a target of 125

As a result of our work, Foundervine not only saw their goals smashed, but at an even higher quality and lower cost per acquisition than anticipated.


Additionally, with their brand properly adhered to and respected in artwork, we contributed to the memorability and distinctiveness of the Foundervine reputation.


Best of all, Foundervine  now have a rinse-and-repeat tech system which they can operate with more clarity and confidence than ever before.