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Mesmerise is the enterprise-level partner for conferences in virtual reality. With an ex-Sky, ex-BBC, ex-MSN, and ex-Microsoft team led by Andrew Hawken, this exciting new tech business enlisted the marketing services of Bloom to help take the business to the next level.

Following our initial brand & marketing strategy work, we progressed to the planning phase of tactical marketing activity - with speed of action to implement the prioritised performance marketing to work in tandem (LinkedIn advertising combined with Google Ads/PPC).


See more about our performance marketing work here.

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For the marketing phase of work, we looked at the prioritised action list through the lens of both the target audience and with the company’s credibility positioning in mind.


We then looked at the most pragmatic way to start layering in those activities, which would be best to test first, which needed to be up & running on a hygiene level, and which would need to be pinned for later in the year.


As part of our planning we also conducted an audit of current marketing activity, to see where there might be quick wins or fast ways to repurpose existing materials, to ensure we were maximising value for the client.

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