-  B R A N D  S T R A T E G Y  F O R  S U S T A I N A B L E  B E D D I N G  B R A N D -

Startup bedding company, Whisper, appointed Bloom to handle their entire marketing remit - essentially acting as their dedicated, outsourced marketing team.


We began working with Whisper months before their launch, with the initial to focus on research and strategy for the business moving forward. 

We advised and fully handled the following areas:

  • Market research, including industry landscape, trends, competitor overview, SWOT analysis, and brand positioning;

  • Customer insights, including online survey for non-biased and objective data on shopping trends and buying habits;

  • Very early awareness and testing potential audience pockets;

  • Strategy development, with the finished piece underpinning the rest of our marketing plan.

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Through this process, we discovered:

  • Our target customer profile, and - therefore - how best to reach and engage with them (giving the highest chances of success upon launch);

  • How to stand out from the competition and strategically price the products;

  • How to develop a long-lasting proposition for a business that would be around for decades. 

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As a result of our strategy work, we were able to develop a clear and effective marketing plan for the brand - including a social media strategy, brand tone of voice & copy guidelines, SEO strategy, e-commerce optimisation, and comms plan.

Bloom is appointed to run all of Whisper's ongoing marketing. Contact us on info@bloomltd.co.uk to discuss your startup's marketing strategy.