-  Z I G L U  E N L I S T S  B L O O M  F O R  B R A N D  M A R K E T I N G -

Ziglu is the brainchild of former Starling CTO. A neo-challenger fintech app built to challenge the challengers.

Built as a mobile-first solution to personal finance management, Ziglu enables totally seamless spending and saving - regardless of currency, be it Euros or Pounds, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As an early-stage business in a saturated marketplace, standing out is crucial.


As a startup in finance, trust is even more crucial.

Together, Bloom worked with Ziglu's in-house design & marketing team to bridge the gaps and build their brand, continuing to honour our brand guardianship role as the business grows.



We kicked off with a series of workshops and deep-dives to understand the company's mission, values, and marketing strategy for success. Using these insights and the work already handled by Ziglu's in-house design team, we built a framework for building a brand that would simultaneously convey the neo-challenger status of the product, without compromising on trust as a financial provider.

We looked at Ziglu's brand archetypes to provide the in-house marketing team with a clearer sense of direction for building the brand, and handled tactical design requests to bring the brand to life.


From zero to hero: Bloom implemented the marketing plans and embedded a lean, internal team, creating a whole new buzzing marketing department at lightning speed.  



By bringing the various in-house teams together, we achieved unity and clarity in brand direction for Ziglu. Our brand archetype exercise also highlighted key findings to the business, including a dissonance in audience perception versus what the business had originally set out to achieve.


Working with specialist brand consultants provided a firm framework to confidently develop the brand, either via social media design assets or offline activations.


The results of our work include higher brand awareness, recognition, trust, and in-house efficiencies.

“At Ziglu, we entrust Bloom as our creative marketing partners for on-demand support and strategic planning.

We rely on the Bloom team for projects big and small, fully trusting their output - including quality and speed - making them the ideal partners as we grow our business”

Yang Li, Chief Growth Officer

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