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    A bud?

    Are you just getting started with your new business?

    We work with lots of amazing "solopreneurs", our typical services include:


    Graphic Design

    Social Media

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    A blossom?

    You've nailed your product or service, validated the marketplace, and got some traction - it's now time to take your business to the next level.

    We work with London's best startups, typical services include:



    Campaign Management
    Direct Marketing
    Content Creation

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    Or in full bloom?

    We help ambitious scale-ups with their marketing needs, to help take them to the next stage of their exciting business journey. 

    Typical services include:

    Event Production
    Outdoor Advertising

    Targeted Cross-Media Campaigns
    Marketing support for your team

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    Ideas are worthless without the execution; execution is pointless without the ideas.


     - G A R Y   V A Y N E R C H U K


    Stephanie Melodia


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    Former UK marketing head for Top 10 Global App Developer, Meitu, Stephanie set up Bloom to deliver awesome marketing to London's most exciting companies. 

    Kirsty Wells

    Social Media Manager

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    Kirsty first showcased her knack for real social talent whilst bartending, where she quickly grew its social following from 0 into the thousands. Now, she pulls in the punters without having to pull the pints, too.

    Alex Pitt

    Creative Director

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    Formally trained at the London College of Fashion, Alex’s passion for all things creative is utterly infectious. Her career began as in-house designer for fashion brands, building her versatility before branching out.

    Carina Figueiredo

    Account Executive

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    Passionate about great design, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, Carina joins Bloom from London College of Communication as our Account Executive - supporting on integrated marketing campaigns for our lovely clients.

    Steven Mzar

    Brand Consultant

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    Award-winning former Partners creative, Steven shows no bounds to his creativity and the depths of meaning brands can have with their audiences. Steven truly knows how to build a brand that cultivates passionate fans.

    Neelai Patel

    Head of Finance

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    Neelai is a qualified Certified Accountant with over 15 years’ experience and a member of STEP. Additionally, Neelai keeps fit by teaching spin classes on the side, and love to squeeze in a workout wherever possible. 



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