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Founded by police officers in 2018, Halo is the global tech solution for public safety.


As a mobile app and desktop dashboard, Halo provides planning, tracking, and analysis solutions for day-to-day maintenance of the likes of sports stadia and music venues (like Manchester Arena, Edgbaston, The ICC, Motorpoint Arena… ) as well as big events like Silverstone, Soundstorm, and Notting Hill Carnival.

With a lean internal team and no internal marketing, the founder-led business needed vital brand anchors to form the foundation for a brand that’s clear, compelling, confident - and scalable.


Following a successful partnership producing ad hoc creative requirements for Halo, our familiarity with the business, the team, and the space in which they operate, made Bloom prime choice for deep diving into the tech scale-up’s brand and marketing strategy - before translating the outcomes of positioning, key messaging, audience segmentation, and brand personality into the new company website and hygiene marketing materials.


Our strategy development for the brand’s marketing comprised of desk research, team workshops, and - most interestingly - customer interviews. 


It was through this unearthing exercise that we arrived at crucial points in articulating Halo’s fantastic offering. Utilising their own client’s words, we drew focus on the visibility and ease of use that Halo’s technology provided its users - empowering everyone to feel more in control when they need it the most.

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Through a series of team workshops, desk research, customer interviews, and audience segmentation, we took a whole host of existing “strap lines” and varying styles of the brand, and converted everything into a clear brand structure, including the message house, tone of voice and brand archetype.

S E R V I C E S:

  • Brand marketing strategy encompassing:

  • Customer interviews and audience segmentation

  • Desk research / competitor review

  • Team workshops and sessions

  • Copywriting

Lloyd Major, CEO & Co-Founder, Halo Solutions

“Thanks to Bloom, we now have more confidence in projecting our brand to the general public. The team gave us a sense of direction in which to amplify our long-term growth. 


Our sales have significantly improved as external stakeholders have also gained a brand they can trust.”

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