-  B R A N D   C O P Y W R I T I N G -

Newly-qualified relationship coach, Faith Jones, enlisted Bloom's copywriting services to help her build her personal brand and online presence - particularly for her new website.

With a single discovery session, we compiled a concise brief - detailing what Faith wanted to achieve, who she was targeting, and how she wanted to be perceived amongst her target audience. Along with practical information provided in our face-to-face session, we set to work and in a very fast timeframe, and provided her with a first draft she was incredibly happy and impressed with.

Through online and telephone communication from this initial draft, we developed and finessed the full copywriting requirements for Faith, providing an end result she was happy and confident with - to use across all her online comms.

Bloom Consulting marketing agency London
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  • Optimised and on-brand copy;

  • Close working relationship with the business owner to ensure the results were on-brief;

  • Helpful insights and practical guidance throughout;

  • See more here.

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