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Founded by medical professionals and driven by a mission to deliver access to better healthcare for all, Elephant Healthcare is a healthtech scale-up building the global digital healthcare network.

Ahead of their fundraising round, the ambitious impact company came to Bloom with the mission-critical product explainer video project - alongside a full website redesign and development.

The primary objective for this video was for it to feel like a true product demo. We needed to highlight the product features, show doctors, nurses, and admins interacting with the platform in the field - and how this translates to a better patient experience.

Image by dix sept


  • Storyboarding 

  • Voiceover Artists 

  • Video editing 

  • Animation

Working alongside Elephant's filming teams on the ground in Ghana, and with the VP of Marketing & Brand Marketing Manager  in the team, we created a storyboard for the new video and sourced a suitable voiceover artist for the brand tone of voice that would really showcase the product within a short video. 

During the process, we held regular feedback sessions, offering advice on script and video edits to ensure the main aim of the video was achieved and the deadline was met. 

Watch the video below:


  • Beautifully edited one and a half minute video showcasing the Elephant product in use

  • Succinct, usable content to use in different instances 

  • Clear communication of Elephant’s product 

"Bloom completely exceeded our expectations. As an agency focused on high-growth tech scale-ups, they completely understand the challenges that rapidly scaling businesses face. Bloom is agile, shifting tasks quickly, and effortlessly adapting to various project restrictions.


Our local teams have praised the new site, accurately reflecting our company and status. I highly recommend Bloom to other fast-paced and ambitious tech scale-ups! 

Alexa Biale

VP of Marketing, Elephant Healthcare

Alexa Biale VP Marketing Elephant Bloom Scale-up Agency.jpeg

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