-  M A K I N G  C O V E T T  B L O O M -

Covett is a revolutionary tech platform transforming the way people enjoy fine jewellery, unlocking access to luxury pieces via co-ownership and subscription.

Our remit with Covett includes:


  • Brand consulting & guardianship

  • Creative direction & graphic design

  • Social media management (paid & organic)

  • Ad hoc multi-channel campaign management



We work closely with the Covett team to deliver on their key goals:

  • Establish Covett as a premium brand (through clarity & consistency in design & messaging)

  • Understand the ideal target audience and increase awareness among this market segment

  • Increase engagement levels and understanding of how the platform works

  • Strengthen luxury positioning for brand partners

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Our remit with Covett includes social media management across both paid and organic.

With the latter, our initial role was to clean existing accounts and use these channels to activate the luxury branding - clearly expressing the brand's key offering and cementing its position as an innovative tech platform for fine jewellery.

The organic social media then became a channel to establish the Covett branding and build a community of jewellery lovers.


With performance (or social ads) we managed various campaigns to test our target audience and key messaging, increasing follower count and engagement levels along the way.

Covett IG 30.06.20.png
  • Increased social media quality and following by 75% in Month 1

  • Increased engagement by 39% in the same time period

  • Higher awareness and understanding of the Covett platform


Aligned marketing efforts in a previously siloed structure, integrating strategy and execution, organic and paid, content and events.

Higher-quality leads thanks to a strong market positioning, luxury branding, and clear communication of how the platform works (including both customers and brand partners).

Increased social media following and engagement through both paid and organic efforts.

Laid the foundations to maximise success for ad hoc events or campaigns.


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