-  Z I G L U ' S  N E W  W E B S I T E  -

Ziglu is the brainchild of former Starling CTO. A neo-challenger fintech app built to challenge the challengers.

Built as a mobile-first solution to personal finance management, Ziglu enables totally seamless spending and saving - regardless of currency, be it Euros or Pounds, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As an early-stage business in a saturated marketplace, standing out is crucial.


As a startup in finance, trust is even more crucial.

Together, Bloom worked with Ziglu's in-house team to design and build their slick online presence; a fully-optimised site built for a mobile-first and digitally-native audience.



As a neo-challenger fintech app for a mobile-first and savvy audience, we took a fresh approach with Ziglu's new website design. Little differences to the UX showed our out-of-the-box thinking, with smooth transitions and parallax elements integrated throughout the homepage.

The primary objective of Ziglu's website is to drive app downloads, with this core goal interweaved throughout, including clear CTAs and an option to directly enter your phone number on desktop to automatically receive a download link straight to the user's phone. Smooth.



  • Full design and custom-coded development turned around in a record 6 weeks

  • Fully-functioning SMS integration for desktop, driving mobile app downloads

  • Optimised site across desktop, mobile and tablets

“We rely on the Bloom team for projects big and small, fully trusting their output - including quality and speed - making them the ideal partners as we grow our business”

Yang Li,

Chief Growth Officer

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