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Lizi Jackson-Barrett is an acclaimed personal coach, self-confidence advocate, speaker, and author. Previously running multiple separate entities to encompass all of these areas in her career, Lizi underwent a major re-brand to consolidate all of her service and create a platform to begin developing her own personal brand - manifesting online, in social media, and of course at her live events.

With a limited budget, Lizi needed an affordable yet high-quality solution, as well as a safe pair of hands she could fully trust for the creation of her exciting new website. 

Fully informing Lizi of all the available options and clearly breaking down the tech side of things, Lizi and Bloom quickly deeveloped a mutually trusting relationship, resulting in a stunning website she was proud to show off to the world.

  • Superfast turnaround

  • Full design including image / video curation

  • Working with newly-created brand and working within set brand guidelines

  • SEO copywriting throughout

  • Full tracking features for data analysis

  • Optimised for both desktop and mobile (viewed on all devices)

  • See full site at:

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