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Bloom brought Ziglu's iconic "power pink" to the streets of Edinburgh during the busiest time of the capital, at the world-famous Fringe Festival.

As an ambitious, high-growth fintech scaleup, it was vital to establish the Ziglu brand codes and activate the brand in a way that is coherent and memorable.

With an open brief and limited budget, Bloom presented a variety of creative routes for the brand (including both design and copy), with marketing consulting and negotiating on the outdoor media packages available.

  • Brand-building campaign for awareness

  • Developed urban area, during high traffic time

  • Strategically positioned media locations

  • Simplicity in design for recognition

  • Tongue-in-cheek copywriting for brand personality

  • Increased awareness and download rates within that geography

Ziglu OOH Edinburgh 5_edited.jpg
Ziglu OOH Edinburgh 1_edited.jpg
Ziglu OOH Edinburgh 2_edited.jpg
Ziglu OOH Edinburgh 4_edited.jpg
Ziglu OOH Edinburgh 3_edited.jpg

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