-  M E S S A G I N G  &  P O S I T I O N I N G  T H E  V R  P R O V I D E R  -

Mesmerise, the B2B virtual reality provider for forward-thinking enterprises, came to Bloom with an open brief: position the business for success in a technologically-advanced space that may be met with hesitations or some reticence from adopters.

Furthermore, avoid associations with the pandemic and steer clear of positioning Mesmerise either as a company born from Covid-19 or as a lockdown solution. Overcome barriers and possible objections for VR adoption in the workplace, with the ultimate goal of marketing to support 10 new ‘Tier 1’ partnership deals for the Gatherings product.

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A lightning-fast implementation of prioritised tactical marketing activity.

Lacking internal marketing resource yet heavy on impressive tech & creative talent, we began our strategy development through sector & product immersion as well as team sessions & workshops. This initial research phase also comprised of deep diving into the target segment personas, casting crucial anchors across product offering, company vision, and target markets to define the marketing strategy.

The conclusions from our work included positioning Mesmerise as the only credible player in the space - with a key outcome to assess the company brand architecture. (Brand-building is challenging enough with one new - and therefore unknown - business, let alone raising awareness and building recognition for multiple).



This initial brand marketing strategy work was extremely valuable in terms of unearthing very interesting and crucial details of the business. The process also aligned various team members across departments and external partners, and of course laid the groundwork for a lightning-fast implementation of prioritised tactical marketing activity.

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