- B R A N D I N G  F O R  T H E  A I R B N B  O F  S W I M M I N G  P O O L S  -

Swimple connects private pool owners with local swimmers - like Airbnb for swimming pools.


As a self-serve platform, Swimple is an app that allows friends & families to book private pools by the hour, and helps pool owners to monetise their property asset.

The entrepreneurial co-founders of this great new concept appointed Bloom as their creative marketing partners to work on their branding (including brand strategy and full visual identity); guidance on the digital process of their web build; plus tactical social media marketing for pre-launch, go-live campaign, and other ongoing marketing activities.

Swimple branding by Bloom agency 6.png
Swimple branding by Bloom agency 5.png

Our strategy development for the brand’s marketing began with desk research, discovery sessions, guided workshops, and customer surveys for both pool owners and swimmers. Using this research, we were able to put in place a clear brand structure, articulating Swimple's core value proposition, defining the key messaging based on audience segmentation, plus tone of voice and brand archetyping for Swimple's lovable new personality. 

This strategy then informed the creative process for Swimple's new visual identity, designed with the core value proposition in mind for both target audiences. For swimmers, this was: enjoy a perfect private stress-free swim, and, for smart pool owners: share your pool with your local community whilst transforming a money pit into a surprising income stream.

Swimple branding by Bloom agency 1.png

Brand strategy and creative services included:

  • Brand strategy including key messaging, positioning, tone of voice, and audience segmentation

  • Desk research & competitor review for strategy development

  • Team workshops and guided sessions as part of the process

  • Visual identity including logo, colour palette, typefaces, stationery and image library

In addition to accurately conveying the personality of the new Swimple brand, it was vital to stand out from the sea of blues currently seen with competitors in the wider marketplace. (No pun intended!) Frankly unoriginal and unmemorable, the mission and personality of this new business is far too good to look like everyone else!

Swimple branding by Bloom agency 4.png
Swimple branding by Bloom agency 3.png
Swimple branding by Bloom agency 2.png

During the creative process, we explored a variety of colour palettes that could still work with the central blue tones (we're still about swimming pools, after all!)


We pushed the envelope in a few different directions, with some combinations including fresh greens and electric purples to accent the blues, others contrasting with juicy pops of orange and pink.

With the latter combination of warm & cool colours selected, this helped define the wider visual direction for the brand identity, as we set to develop the logo, brandmarque, image treatment, stationery, iconography, and wider brand assets.

The end result? A brand that succeeds in balancing distinctiveness and authenticity, personality and memorability, interest and clarity.

If you're the founder of a high-growth tech startup, or work in marketing at a scale-up, and need an expert pair of hands to help build your brand, then you know what to do ;)


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