-  D I G I T A L  M A R K E T I N G  &  C O N E N T  C R E A T I O N -

Havn from Jaguar Land Rover is London's first all-electric chauffeur service, boasting a full fleet of the award-winning Jaguar I-PACE models.

App-enabled for direct customers and centralised dashboard for corporate partners, as well as an uncompromising commitment to quality, Havn is the preferred travel choice for conscious professionals.

Bloom's proud remit for Havn was to activate the beautiful brand via mixed content creation and regular management of communication channels - translating the brand ethos of quality and sustainability, and communicating the incredible benefits to their target audience.

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When a business has so many exciting benefits, the marketing and branding challenge is to succinctly communicate the value in a clear and impactful way - without watering down the message or ineffectively trying to be "all things to all people." 

Our marketing strategy was focused on the dual B2C & B2B audience; millennial talent from across the UK (predominantly London), and fellow tech scale-up businesses that would easily understand Tempo's concept, and the benefits of the platform.

From the branding perspective, our market insights and world-class creativity led us to Tempo giving back the control - to both candidates and employers - and empowering the individual. The result was bold, human-centric creative, with strong and provocative copy, e.g. “One day or day one, you decide”, turned around in only a matter of weeks. 

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From zero to hero: Bloom implemented the marketing plans and embedded a lean, internal team, creating a whole new buzzing marketing department at lightning speed.  


Employing the Hero, Hub, Hygiene content model, we handled the planning, execution & reporting of various brand activations - bringing to life the beautiful new creativity for this exciting new startup. 

At the Hygiene level, we handled all digital marketing content; from multi-channel social media, to email marketing and blog posts. Consistent with the brand ethos, mini series such as Spotlight on interviews with the candidates helped bring the human back into human resources. 

Hub included sales support materials (digital & print) as well as targeted direct campaigns - all directly resulting in new wins for the Business Development team, and strengthening our position as a tech startup revolutionising the recruitment industry.

The Hero level included large-scale activations such as a week-long pop-up event in the heart of London's tech scene, at Silicon Roundabout (Old Street) and career fairs at various universities. 


As part of Tempo’s candidate acquisition strategy, Bloom took over all the top London universities’ careers’ fairs - just in time for graduation season. 

Instead of showing up with the standard pull-up banner and looking like everyone else, we devised a clever and unique concept of “bringing the fair, to the fair,” which consisted of a delightful funfair theme that had students and fellow exhibitors swarm to our stand. 

Branded sticks of rock, a wheel of fortune to test their career destiny, raffle tickets for prizes, and little books of big tips. The events were a huge success from every standpoint - visitor turnout, candidate registrations, brand recall and social buzz.

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The results of our marketing efforts - across creative and production - were measured in terms of brand awareness, new client acquisition and candidate sign-ups over a 6-month period.


As a new business, there were many new areas without existing benchmarks, so we started from zero and worked on effective multi-channel campaigns in sync with sales to achieve and surpass internally set KPIs. 

Across the full period we acquired 50 new employers on to the platform, including 10 top targets, and saw an uplift of 250% in candidates. 

Ultimately, we developed a brand that everyone talked about, and got noticed wherever we went.

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