Entrepreneurship has no playbook, protocol, or rules to follow. Sure, we can go to uni for Business Studies or study for an MBA, but the reality is business happens in the real world. The rule book gets ripped up as we figure it out, we test, we learn, we optimise, we fail fast, and we pivot. We put ourselves out there and hustle to build the business of our dreams, which we believe makes for the most interesting of storytelling.

Plug in and listen to the founder-focused podcast, Time to Bloom, dedicated to sharing the most interesting startup stories, the funniest of misadventures, and the pearliest of business wisdom from top entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Stephanie Melodia, owner of marketing agency, Bloom, and scout for early-stage VC fund, Ada Ventures, Time to Bloom is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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S1 E4: Sian Emmison, Co-Founder of Sparkboxs

Can artificial intelligence and humanity not only co-exist, but truly help the advancement of work and society? Lindsay came to London from Canada a few years ago and, after working for US retail giant, Target and a boutique retail consultancy, Lindsay co-founded Sparkbox - a retail pricing optimisation tool that uses machine learning to help merchandisers be better at their jobs. Hear Lindsay's story and top advice in today's GEW episode.


S1 E3: Pippa Harman, Founder of SkinLyst (now Renude)

Did you know that women spend £180,000 on beauty products over their lifetime that don't even work for them? This is the problem that SkinLyst, Pippa Harman's startup, is here to fix. In this episode, Stephanie  sits down with Pippa to discuss what it was like to work with serial entrepreneur and beauty juggernaut, Marcia Kilgore, taking the leap from her dream job to focusing on her venture, and the challenges along the way. 


S1 E2: Joseph Seal-Driver, Founder of Havn

Stephanie Melodia sits down with Joseph Seal-Driver, the founder of London's only all-electric chauffeur service, Havn. Listen to how Joseph got into the world of mobility, the advances in sustainable transportation, and his top advice for other entrepreneurs.


S1 E1: Sian Emmison, Co-Founder of Bobbin Bikes

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Stephanie Melodia of Bloom sits down with Sian Emmison, the Co-Founder of London-based bicycle brand, Bobbin - which went from side-hustle to a wildly successful brand sold internationally with 100,000+ customers. Find out how she got started, the challenges of growing the business, & her wisdom on entrepreneurship today.

What our listeners say

Steph is such a great host! Loved listening to all the interviews, love her style and how she ties it all in together.  Very interesting and insightful mini-series

That radio voice! Great interviews, really good to hear real stories from the entrepreneurs who have been there, done that.

I want more!

Really insightful with an interesting line-up of interviewees with a clear and articulate host! I can't wait for the next episodes to come out!

Great 20-minute episodes on entrepreneur life - perfect to listen to on my way in to work and feel inspired for the day!

You can also read the interview transcripts / blog posts here

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