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Founded by medical professionals and driven by a mission to deliver access to better healthcare for all, Elephant Healthcare is a health-tech scale-up building the global digital healthcare network.

The ambitious impact company came to Bloom with three projects ahead of a fundraising round; an entire website re-design and development, a product explainer video and a slick piece of animated content to succinctly communicate their core value proposition.

Looking to provide updated content for investors, partners, and talent, Bloom was appointed to showcase the healthtech scale-up’s mission, vision, product, and culture with the mission-critical website redesign & development.

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  • Website design

  • Website development

  • Custom coding

  • Storyboarding 

  • Voiceover Artists 

  • Video editing 

  • Animation

"Completely exceeding expectations"

The design of the site needed to be in-line with traditional B2B SaaS businesses, to highlight their core product offering.


The site also needed optimising across desktop, mobile and tablets, whilst being extremely user-friendly in the backend for the internal team to easily update content, as well as being easily adaptable for various market transcreations for the territories in which Elephant operates.

Working with Elephant’s VP of Marketing and Brand Marketing Manager, we began work on the custom-coded website through sector and product immersion, as well as team sessions to fully understand the requirements on both functionality and aesthetics. As part of the design process, we shared layouts on InVision for easy feedback and to effectively demonstrate the proposed animations.

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"Bloom completely exceeded our expectations. As an agency focused on high-growth tech scale-ups, they completely understand the challenges that rapidly scaling businesses face. Bloom is agile, shifting tasks quickly, and effortlessly adapting to various project restrictions.


Our local teams have praised the new site, accurately reflecting our company and status. I highly recommend Bloom to other fast-paced and ambitious tech scale-ups! 

Alexa Biale

VP of Marketing, Elephant Healthcare

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  • Slick and on-brand design with full functionality and optimisations

  • Team confidence in the new website, aligning boldly with the company mission, vision, purpose and values 

  • 3 weeks' time saved thanks to project management efficiencies

  • Tangible results from a well-designed, user-friendly, and on-brand site saw a 74% increase in users, 132% increase in page views, 73% increase in session duration, and 100% increase in form submissions

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