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Bloom gains official flexible employer status with new "Flexification" seal of approval

As a forward-thinking, creative, and dynamic marketing agency, Bloom does not think twice when it comes to when, how, or where our team work - so long as the work output is of the highest possible quality and our team is satisfied. Everything else is secondary.

Bloom has always advocated for flexible working, so we could not be prouder to gain official 'flexible employer status' by becoming recognised by the people setting the standard for flexible work; Flexa.

"Presenteeism is resting in peace in the graveyard of old school working ways - along with suits and cubicles." Stephanie Melodia, Founder

Having passed with flying colours on Flexa's flexible working assessment (which includes speaking to team members in the company as well as the boss!), we are proud to say Bloom is now officially a Flexified employer.

Check out our open roles on Flexa here: https://flexa.careers/jobs/5fc2708ef18eb800086a8bee

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