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How to: Create 20 pieces of content from just one

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

"Our biggest struggle is coming up with new content." "How can I keep producing enough content for my social media calendar?" "We don't have time to keep posting things or coming up with new ideas."

Sound familiar?

The social media machine is a beast, and creating enough content to go across all the channels is daunting enough to the most experienced of professionals.

But there is a secret...

To keep feeding the feed you need A LOT of content to get noticed, to be remembered, and to stand out of the crowd. You also need a sustainable framework to consistently produce different content.

And it's called The Content Pyramid.

With The Content Pyramid, you start with a single piece of high-quality, rich content at the top. This can be something like an event, an interview, or a podcast. From this, you dice it up and repackage it into various forms of content for different types of consumption.

Let's take a podcast interview. One can easily turn a single 20-min episode into quote graphics, images from the interview, audiograms, and blog posts.

Suddenly you have a dozen pieces of content from one activity.

So next time you're creating, think about all the ways that same content can be repackaged and repurposed to help fill your feed.

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