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Our predictions for 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

This new year not only sees a fresh 12 months ahead for opportunity and change, but a new decade, too. As we enter 2020, the Bloom marketing team shares our predictions on what we will see in the world of marketing:

1. Even greater authenticity

As buzzy as the term has now become, *actual* authenticity really is on the rise. As a concept primarily coined for social media influencer marketing, the mark has been overstepped by a lot of Instagrammers who claim to be "authentic" but are then showing a bunch of sponsored products.

Thanks to direct video communication and the super-fast turnaround times of social media content, big brands and top entrepreneurs can no longer afford to spend months crafting their message and polishing their content. Instead, by embracing the open-ness and two-way dialogue in the social media space, one can elevate your uniqueness, sincerity, and therefore customer loyalty as well as advocacy.

2. Sustainable or you're out

Interestingly, having worked with more and more eco-conscious businesses over the years, we've seen a shift in this going from a USP to simply being the norm. Now, if you're not practicing responsible business, you have failed to evolve and missed the marketplace entirely. Whether your all-natural cotton sheets have a low carbon footprint, like our client Whisper, or your chauffeur services is powered by a fully-electric fleet, like another one of our clients, Havn, there is always a way to do business in an environmentally friendly way.

3. Practical tech applications

The technology explosion we've experienced in recent years has been magnificent, yet we are still very much at the early dawn of a whole new tech era. As we enter the third decade of this millennium, we think we'll start to see some of the exciting and shiny new tech actually being put into more practical applications, with accessible usage on a mass scale now. Whether this is IOT in homes or AI/ML in martech, the buzzwords we've been throwing around of late will become more of a reality in the next few years.

4. Tighter security and privacy controls

When it comes to innovation, pushing the envelope is par for the course. An unfortunate result of some of our tech advancements has meant that the regulators then step in afterwards, and usually at the point that things have already got too out of control.

Emerging tech players are leveraging all that we've learnt from those big first-movers, particularly when it comes to the handling of customer data. People now know that their data is worth more than gold, and the treatment of this is being recognised and respected.

5. Creative over channel

We, as marketers, have developed a tendency to prioritise channels over creative and messaging, striving to deliver Facebook and Instagram campaigns. What we should really be aiming for, and will see more of in 2020, is creating compelling messages and disseminating them across the appropriate channels. By prioritising the message, we can reduce wasted ad spend on channels we're using because we feel like we should be, giving us more to funnel into impactful, results-driven campaigns.

Following the initial excitement over the possibilities for brands on social media, there's a sense that some other avenues may have become overlooked and wrongly overshadowed in recent years. Take, for instance, partnerships, or experiential activations. These are powerful forms of marketing when it comes to brand positioning, audience reach, consumer engagement, and brand advocacy. 360 marketing, omnichannel marketing, and through-the-line (TTL) marketing, are not new concepts at all, but we need to remind the industry that (a) there's more to marketing than just Facebook, and (b) the idea that sits behind these channels is what transcends the plan, above all.

6. Voice recognition

Thanks to technological advances with the likes of Siri or Alexa, we are seeing an increasing demand for voice-activated controls, revealing exciting areas for opportunity particularly with those less-abled or restricted than the general population (i.e. those with mobility or sight issues, for example). Sponsorships, owned channels, and in-app or web-integrated features are some of the exciting areas of opportunity for brands to use voice in their marketing repertoire.

Take Amazon, for example, who have made a point that they will be finding ways to better monetise Alexa.


Technology has not only provided us with exciting and fancy ways to improve our everyday lives, but the distribution and speed of information has seen a deeper mindset shift - with people becoming more aware of important global issues such as climate change, social inequalities, and political corruption. Marketing has a part to play in this as much as any other global industry, and the only brands that will last are those that understand and champion the new values instilled in our society today.

Marketing is one of the most exciting industries to work in, with the pace of rapid change and creative, innovative tools that are constantly coming to the fore. We can't wait to see what 2020 and the new decade bring.

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