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Our top predictions for 2022

According to Jessica Hall, Bloom Marketing Director, the top predictions for business in the new year anchors on the foundational marketing principle of balancing short-term tactics with long-term brand vision - which is no easy feat at the best of times, let alone amidst all the turbulence we've all been experiencing recently.

In our line of work, there is a lot of "shiny new thing" syndrome (remember Clubhouse?) and working with such fast-paced businesses who are the forefront of technological innovation, it's understandable when the marketing FOMO hits.

As the experts, it's our job to leverage our wealth of experience and professional insights to guide fast-growing businesses going from scrappy startup mode to sophisticated scale-up status.

Read on for Jessica's new year predictions:

In 2022, we will see the impact of those who "held the wheel" during the pandemic, especially if they were able to keep both long- and short-term activity going.

Brands that were able to keep brand marketing active during the pandemic will reap the benefits in 2022.

Those that chose (or were forced by necessity), to turn the brand lights off to cut costs will notice a drop in short-term performance.

If they aren't familiar with 'The Long and the Short of it' by Les Binet and Peter Field, this may seem unexplained. (See below diagram that succinctly illustrates the short-term spike peaks and troughs (yellow line), versus the slower and steadier upward staircase pattern in brand-building. The key difference between the two is the timescales. The longer-term brand-building takes years, and in a world of daily updates, weekly reports and monthly reviews, the best marketers will need to hold their nerve over a much longer period of time).

People will also talk a lot about the Metaverse, and some of it will be nonsense. This is genuinely an exciting area, and I'm lucky enough to be working with both B2B and B2C brands in this field, like Mesmerise. But anyone familiar with the AI winter, or the history of VR, knows that there is a danger of disappointment following early hype.

For those of us working with brands who are early into the space, there's a responsibility to balance being grounded in the here and now, while also spotlighting and building excitement for what may be coming down the line."

(Originally written for The Marketing Leaders Guide to 2022 by Danny Denhard)


What do you think will be hottest things in marketing for 2022? What are you excited about? And what's top of your marketing list for the new year?

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