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Parting ways: How to split from your agency

Show me a pleasant relationship ending and I'll show you a parakeet in London. Not totally unheard of, but rare.

But terminating an agreement needn't feel awkward.

If you've already read our last blog post on whether you should fire your agency, and reached the decision to end your contract, then this final instalment in our 6-part series contains the top tips for parting ways amicably:

1. Are you sure?

If you're reading this, it's likely you're certain that you want to end your agency agreement. Whether you've reached the end of your tether, run out of funds, or have simply discovered you're not a great fit for each other, just take a beat and see if there's an option to work things out first. If not, read on...

2. Check your contract

Before you deliver the news, it's worth re-visiting your initial agreement to ensure you're operating within the fair terms outlined, and that you won't be causing any negative repercussions. (Like early termination fees, for example).

3. Calm and fair

Whilst we're all human, keep the conversation as professional as possible. Stick to the facts, share constructive feedback, and mutually agree next steps.

(Also - just like a break-up - do this over a video call if possible - not a text or Sunday night email!)

4. Failure to plan is planning to fail

Make sure you've got another resource lined up before your current agency downs tools. Whether it's another team member internally, a freelancer, or another agency in the wings.

Discuss the plan for any outstanding work and agree a final delivery date, including a handover session with the next team or person responsible.

5. Keep it clean

What goes around comes around. Don't air your dirty laundry by publicly dissing the agency because it didn't work out. It will make you look just as bad, if not worse. Once everything is done and dusted with your (now previous) agency, simply wish them all the best, part ways, and move on.

BONUS: Record your learnings

What did you learn from the experience? Are there any practical takeaways you can implement in future? Whether it's working with a new agency or managing an internal team, be honest with yourself and see if there's anything you could have done differently. Whether it's something small like holding weekly calls to ensure there are no miscommunications, to bigger things like ensuring you have the right foundations in place to empower a partner.

Either way, we hope these tips help you through your painful growth spurt of going from startup to scale-up!


This is part of Bloom's content series to help save a lot of headaches for both agencies and clients. Make sure you've read Part 1: 'Should you work with an agency? 3 key questions to ask yourself first;' Part 2: 'How to select an agency: 5 ways to decide;' Part 3: 'From pitch to partnership: 3 golden tips for agency success;' Part 4: 'How to get the best from your agency' and; Part 5: 'Should you fire your agency?'

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