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Post-lockdown marketing *every* startup needs

The light at the end of the tunnel is glowing brighter by the day. As we emerge from lockdown, marketing your startup should be at the top of your to-do list. It’s time to go back to basics so that your business can get back on top. 

The lockdown we have all been under is now easing and we are seeing businesses opening for the first time since last December. Now is the time to return to the very basics of marketing so that you can remind your customers who you are and what you do.

The expert marketing team at Bloom have pulled together some of our top tips so that you can make ensure your business can not only survive Corona-times, but capitalise on new opportunities:

Keep your customers in the loop

In the rush to open, you may have forgotten to make your post-lockdown plans clear to your customers. Make sure to connect with your customers via social media or email marketing. They will want to know things like: 

  • Safety measures you have put in place. 

  • When you are open and closed (days & hours)

  • Any changes to your delivery services/online store as some customers may be nervous to visit you in person. 

Reassure your customers that you are there to provide a service to them that is safe and that you can’t wait to see them again! 

You might need to update your contact details on your website and on social media if they have changed during the pandemic. Providing clear updates will give your customers more confidence and allow you to re-connect with them. 

Social media for social distancing

Social media helps connect you to your customer or client. It has been crucial during the lockdown and will be even more important during this new post-lockdown period. If you have fallen off the social media bandwagon during the lockdown, it is time to get back on. 


Start by sitting down and re-focusing. The type of content you will be creating now is probably very different from the content you created pre-pandemic. Ask yourself: what stories do you want to share? What products or services would you like to promote? What would your customers like to see if your business values have changed? And, if so, how can you show this through your content?

Strategy and scheduling 

It is vital that your social media content is clear, value rich, and connects you to your customers or clients. Creating a social media strategy and scheduling content is maybe something you wish to outsource to an expert marketing agency (like Bloom) as having an expert on your side is always a good idea! 

Consistency is key

The key to social media success is consistency. Your customers and clients need to be able to trust you and to build you should be posting valuable content, consistently. Here are some top tips to get you started: 

  • People buy from people, are you telling a story? Make your content human. 

  • Create a clear call to action in every post. 

  • Share new types of content like reels on Instagram (a great way to be seen), blogs, start a newsletter, and film videos that your customers will love. 

  • Be active. Engage with your social media community, like, comment and share. 

Update your website

It’s time to update your website and improve the overall user experience for a post-lockdown world. You should be adding in any information that a customer or client might be looking for, uploading new products or services, replacing old contact details, and keeping any imagery relevant. 

Approximately 50% of users access websites via their mobile, so make sure your website is optimised for this. Spend some time refreshing your SEO by conducting keyword research, adding these to pages where appropriate, and creating valuable content like blogs. 

You may wish to hire someone who can do these updates for you. This could also be the best time to hire a website designer to do a full refresh of your website and branding.

Don't underestimate the power of email marketing

If you don’t already use email marketing, now is the time to start. Social media is ‘rented space’ and if it disappeared tomorrow, how would you contact your loyal customers?

Collecting email addresses is an important marketing tool. 

Email campaigns need to be regular but don’t spam your customer base. You can create automated email campaigns through online tools like MailChimp or Klaviyo. Sending out a newsletter every two weeks or once a month will keep your customers updated and interested. Make sure to always link back to your website and include any exciting content you have created, like a blog. 

Other marketing materials like leaflets and brochures might require updating. Take a minute to check over them and see if they are still relevant and if they still add value. If not, consider updating them or creating something new. 

Focusing on email marketing and marketing materials means you are focusing on the customers you already have and not your future customers that may come along. Investing your time now will pay off and you should quickly start to see returns on your investment (ROI). 

Read the marketing acronyms you need to know, here.

It's time to bloom

We can all see the light at the end of what has been a long, dark tunnel for many businesses. As you flip over your open signs, remember that it’s your turn to bloom. 

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