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It's Valentine's Day and we're a bunch of romantic marketers, so of course we had to do a round-up of our dreamiest ads.

Read on for our favourite forms of commercial creativity that are guaranteed to give you all the "feelz":

Calvin Klein - Eternity with Jake Gyllenhaal

Ok, we love Eternity perfume and we love Jake Gyllenhaal even more, but if we pull ourselves away from those two elements for a moment - can we appreciate how real and how much better this perfume ad is compared to the others? Fragrance ads have gained a notorious reputation for being pretty ridiculous, quite frankly, and in this simple yet beautiful spot by Calvin Klein, actor Jake Gyllenhaal takes on a role as a father to a super-cute, mixed-race 4-year-old, reciting to her a poem, and enjoying moments of familial intimacy. (Yes, there is a "wife" in there, too). A concept most of us can relate to, shot simply in black and white and with no music or ostentatious effects, this simple piece easily makes the cut for us.

Google – Parisian Love (2009)

It's crazy this is already over a decade ago (my goodness!) but this ad has had over 8m views on YouTube and been shared over a 150,000 times. Whilst old, the story is of course, timeless, and the creativity here is brilliant. Just watch the video.

Apple – The Surprise (2019)

This tearjerker of an ad ticks both the Valentine's Day and Christmas boxes. In this piece by Apple for Christmas 2019, we see a typical family travel to their lonely grandparent for the holidays. The grandparent initially comes across as a grumpy, old man. That is, until he is given a special gift made for him by the granddaughters. We challenge you to watch to the end!

Nescafé - The Gold Blend Couple (1987 - 1993)

There were some gems back in the day, and one of the great devices marketers used to employ more so back then was a narrative, before a narrative became a thing. In this 12-part serial starring Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan, we watch a couple's slow-burning romance over - you guessed it - Gold Blend coffee. The ads do a brilliant job of carefully balancing their product and the storyline, and is one of the best examples of serialised TV advertising - ranked at number 20 on "ITV's Best Ever Ads" in 2005. The ongoing series kept TV viewers hooked, back when people watched TV!

We hope this round-up has inspired you to reach out to your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you, and not just for Valentine's Day ;)

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