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The Power of reframing for entrepreneurs

Updated: May 3, 2020

A common concept among coaches, the mental act of "reframing" essentially means taking an existing event - usually a negative one - and changing your thinking or approach to it. The underlying and powerful truth here is that one cannot change external events, but one can absolutely control the way they are perceived in one's mind.

Now, we are a team of marketers, so why are we writing about mindsets and positive attitudes?

Well, whilst we strategise and deploy effective marketing and beautiful creativity for our clients, these lovely customers happen to be entrepreneurs. A special breed of person with grit, hustle, resilience, agility, optimism, and determination. Yet, even the best entrepreneurs can get tested at times, and, during COVID-19, we are aware that entrepreneurs are some of the most exposed people during this turbulent time.

Business is tough at the best of times, without having to re-strategise in a high-pressure situation, furlough your staff, find new customers, not appear to sell in a crisis, and stay sane in the meantime. While we are aware everyone's situation is different, and every individual processes things in their own way, we'd like to offer some help in flipping the situation, and making it work for you:

  • Entrepreneurship is a nice word for being part of the "hustle club." You are constantly grinding, operating a million miles per hour, wearing multiple hats, and wishing people could keep up with you. This is an extremely rare opportunity for enforced slowdown. After accepting the situation and making peace with this movie-like world we now live in, use this time to take a chill pill, reflect, and just do nothing. We know, we know - it goes against every cell in your body and you're just itching to do more. But you'll end up expending a disproportionate amount of energy when you can take this opportunity for a little self-investment.

  • If you're in a position to self-invest more than just your time, there are so many fantastic deals available from top learning providers. Take Masterclass, for example. You may have seen them advertise to you once or twice (or maybe a couple of hundred times) on Instagram lately. At the time of writing, they have a limited 2-for-1 offer on their annual subscriptions. Normally $180/£170 each, this means you can access top trainers for $90/£85 split with a friend.

  • There is also a special 5-week programme co-hosted by our Founding Director, Stephanie Melodia, called Amplenary, which starts in May 2020. Combining the fields of neuroscience, executive coaching, and personal branding, Amplenary is an online, interactive 10-part course for ambitious entrepreneurs to use this time for some professional development (the tag line is #RaiseYourGame, of course!)

  • One of the other positive byproducts of our current quarantine life is enjoying a better work/life balance, where a portion of us are getting to spend more time at home with loved ones, and coming up with creative ideas to have fun together or stay active without going outside. For our connections outside of the home, we are also making a conscious effort to arrange virtual parties or fun interactivity via apps like House Party.

We believe that there is a lot to be gained from this seemingly negative situation, and hope some of these tips help you make the most of this lockdown. As entrepreneurs, we know it's hard to go easy on yourself, and perhaps even harder to slow down - but use this time wisely, as a global pandemic doesn't come around very often!


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