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Why voice marketing is on the rise

First it was blogging, then it was all about video. The next big thing in marketing? Voice.

The use of voice has of course been propelled by the tech innovations by Amazon (Alexa) and Apple (Siri). Voice-enabled devices operate as a fine blend of digital and physical realities, which makes room for truly contextual interactions with users. With market penetration expected to rise to 55% by 2022, and 20% of mobile searches on Google already being done using voice, we take a look at why this new customer-facing channel is fundamental to future success in marketing:

1. Better analytics

Voice is one of the most natural forms of human communication, therefore it's this sense of ease that makes it such a popular way to navigate online - whether it's through searching on Google, dictating a video into YouTube, or purchasing goods via Amazon. The result of this is that there is not only a wealth of new data to explore, but more accurate and therefore better quality insights to gain off the back of this new way that customers are interacting with the online world.

According to VentureBeat, Adobe has led the way in providing “voice analytics” - to help marketers collect and make sense of customers’ voice search intent and behaviour. VentureBeat also revealed that Adobe announced its acquisition of Sayspring in early 2019, a voice AI startup behind a product for building voice interfaces and apps with no coding required.

2. More interactivity

The level of connection between a provider and a customer is of course so much higher when voice is involved. As a natural, automatic, and instant way to communicate, the real magic for marketers here is with contextual demands for winning those micro-moments in life.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, it means that when consumers are watching the World Cup and need extra beers, they can immediately order through speaking into their phone. Or, if they've run out of popcorn on a movie night, or want to grab a box of chocolates on their way to a date, this is the nice and easy option presented to them.

The interactivity for customers means better connection for brands. Another opportunity to deliver means another opportunity to instil trust and build a bond with your customers.

3. Need for speed

People speak 2.9 times faster than they write, according to research conducted by Stanford University, and, as people are inherently lazy, it's so much easier to simply pick up a device and speak into it (right?) Plus, it's been shown that spoken queries have a lower error rate than typed ones, meaning less of that annoying autocorrect correcting or re-typing a search query.


The accuracy rate of voice recognition software has reached 99% now, and with high levels of voice-enabled device ownership and changed consumer behaviour, now is the time to start thinking about integrating voice into your marketing mix - especially as a progressive tech start-up.

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