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Congratulations to Stephanie Melodia named UK Top 20 Most Influential Female Founder

Stephanie Melodia founded Bloom in 2017 with the mission of delivering practical, affordable, expert marketing support to early-stage businesses.

In that time, we are proud to have had our work featured in the likes of The Independent and clients listed as the UK's Top 5 Startups by Startups.co.uk.

In addition to building the agency - serving as the UK startup community's "outsourced marketing department" - Stephanie has also developed a number of media offerings to give the country's most ambitious entrepreneurs a platform to tell their stories, including the Time to Bloom podcast, biannual events every March & September, Bloom Presents, daily interviews when Covid-19 first hit called Lockdown Diaries, and now the weekly Instagram Live series, #FounderFriday.

As speaker and presenter, Stephanie has also been invited to host the Creative Futures panels by Tiger Heart, and spoken at LinkedIn, True Global, The Hunter Collective, Creative Entrepreneurs, D&AD, and the Design Museum.

Stephanie has also guest written for BeYourOwn, Startups Magazine, and Thrive Global, and been featured in Found & Flourish.

Her subject areas of expertise and passion lie in creativity, marketing, entrepreneurship and gender equality.

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